Helsinki, Finland - IADMS

  • Posted on: 29 October 2018
  • By: madeleinedardeau

On October 20th, four faculty and 23 students headed to Helsinki, Finland for the 28th Annual IADMS Conference. After making a stop in London, everyone made it to the hotel to get ready to explore Finland the next day. The first day in Helsinki was filled with cool weather, amazing food, adventure with friends, and dancing around the beautiful city of Helsinki. The next day continued the excitement with a two and a half hour cruise to Estonia where the students and faculty explored the city of Tallinn, where a hint of Texas appeared. On the way back to Helsinki, there was dancer styled karaoke with one of our students as the star of the show! With the final day of exploration before the beginning of the largest dance science conference in the world, the students and faculty split into small groups to visit various museums and parks. Finally, October 25thmarked the beginning of the IADMS conference. The International Association for Dance Medicine and Science focuses on educating dancers on health practices and training methods through science and research to increase the longevity of a dancer’s career. With the TAMU dance program having an emphasis on dance science, this conference was nothing short of a perfect marriage between our program and our love for dance science. We had three of our faculty members present information to the participants of the conference. Alexandra Pooley presented a literature review poster over the exploration of emotions and creativity, and Christine Bergeron and Carisa Armstrong presented a workshop over thoracic extension. Our students broadened their dance science knowledge by listening to various sessions during the last couple of days in Helsinki. Although the IADMS conference has come to an end, the faculty and students that attended the conference will continue to spread the information that they discovered in Helsinki to broaden their knowledge of dance science