Dance Program dates for the 2021-2022 year coming soon!

A dancer in a purple dress is in an off-balanced extended leg position with leaves falling around her and leaves on the ground.

Fall 2021

Group of four dancers in bright colored dresses with flowers tucked in jumping up in a tucked position and an excited look on their faces.

Spring 2022

A dancer in a floral print pant and red top is in a tilt.

Day of Dance and Auditions

Group of dancers gathered together and smiling looking up at the camera from our summer intensive.

Collegiate Dance Intensive

Dancer is in an orange dress in an attitude barrel jump with colorful flower petals in the air.

Brazos Contemporary Dance Festival 2021

Important Dates:

June 10th: Applications Due

June 15th: Notification Deadline – more information given to choreographers at this time

September 9th: Tech Rehearsals

September 10th: Dress Rehearsal during the day; Show in the evening

September 11th: Second Show