Degrees Offered


The Texas A&M Dance Program offers three options for its students: B.S. Kinesiology: Dance Science, B.S. University Studies: Dance Concentration, Dance Minor


B.S. Kinesiology: Dance Science

The Dance Science degree plan focuses on the proper biomechanical principles within dance technique, dance research, anatomy, nutrition, injury prevention, and

the psychological aspects of the dancer.

Additional coursework includes Dance Production, Dance Composition, Pilates, Dance History, Partnering, Improvisation, and Dance Pedagogy. Texas A&M is in a unique position to offer students a well-rounded education in both the arts and the sciences.  In addition to students being educated by dance professionals, students also receive experiences from scientists, researchers and kinesiologists which offers them a more cohesive view of dance health and wellness.

Our students use the information in kinesiology and dance science in many ways. We offer three different degree tracks for students to choose from. Students enrolled in the B.S. in Kinesiology: Dance Science have 18 hours of elective in the degree to tailor the degree towards their ultimate career goals. Students interested in the medical field can use the 18 hours towards pre-requisites into professional school.  Students interested in dancing professionally can use the 18 hours towards additional technique classes, choreography classes, improvisation, partnering, and other dance courses. Starting in the Fall of 2021, students interested in earning their K-12 teacher certification will be able to do so through the Aggie TEACH program.

AggieTEACH SEED Minor:

This minor is only available for our Dance Science majors because the program focuses on science and technology education. Upon completing the minor, our students will be able to sit for both the dance and life science teaching certification for grades 7-12. Students will take the minor classes in addition to the 18-hours of electives built into their degree plan. This allows the 6-hour student teaching requirement to be placed as electives, which provides the opportunity for financial aid. The remaining 12 hours can be filled with more education courses, dance courses, or whatever the student chooses to supplement their education.

University Studies: Dance Concentration

The University Studies degree options are offered by each of the colleges and provide additional access to college-specific courses that may have restricted admission. University Studies provides students who are in good academic standing with the university (2.0+ GPR) and who are specifically seeking an interdisciplinary degree the flexibility to create individualized degree plans at Texas A&M.

The Dance Concentration is 120 hours of classes from the area of concentration, core curriculum classes, two minors, and electives.  Although not required, the following minors complement the concentration: business, music, and theatre.


Dance Minor

A minor in dance can lead to numerous opportunities within the field of dance performance and education. Students can obtain the necessary tools to teach, choreograph and direct in high schools, private studios, performance groups, dance/drill teams, dance within the community and/or companies, or utilize their minor studies to pursue degrees in dance. Dance is considered to be an important part of the visual and performing arts educational experience. Studies of dance performance, education, and history can enhance a student’s academic experience.