TAMU Student Work Selected for ACDA Gala Concert

  • Posted on: 9 May 2017
  • By: griffbro95


This spring, TAMU Dance Faculty and 20 students travelled to Plano, TX to attend the 2017 South-Central American College Dance Association Conference. The conference offers dance classes all day long that our students were able to take part in. During this conference, five adjudication concerts take place where professionals in the dance field adjudicate dance works from different schools in the region. This year the TAMU Dance Program took two pieces to be adjudicated. The faculty work that was performed was Sierra: Driving the Descent, choreographed by Carisa Armstrong and Christine Bergeron.

Christine Bergeron also served as the faculty advisor and mentor for the student work that attended ACDA. The student work, Right and Ruin, was choreograohed by Lauren Banowsky and Brooke Griffin. Right and Ruin began as Lauren Banowsky’s Composition II work. Brooke began collaborating with Lauren in Fall 2016 and the piece was performed initially at the senior concert, Voyage. Right and Ruin was chosen by the adjudicators to be performed in the Gala concert for the South-Central Conference.

Choreographers Lauren Banowsky and Brooke Griffin both felt very honored to be selected for the Gala.

“We were both so excited to see our work on the list for Gala, it almost didn’t feel real! We put a lot of hard work into the piece and are so proud of our dancers for the amount of effort they put into it,” says Griffin.

Banowsky stated, “After putting such hard work and dedication into a piece, the biggest honor you can experience is being able to express it to an audience. I feel nothing but gratitude towards my amazing choreography partner, Brooke, and our dancers for making the vision of Right and Ruin a reality!”


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