Athletic Trainer Partnership

  • Posted on: 9 May 2017
  • By: griffbro95

The Dance Science Program is thrilled to have a partnership between Texas A&M University Dance Program and CHI St. Joseph Health Sports Medicine. The program’s new Athletic Trainer, Melissa Hausman, is available four times a week to see dancers in the program who seek treatment for new and ongoing injuries as well as measures to prevent injuries. Melissa was also present during dance performances throughout the year.


When going to see Melissa, students can expect that she will help by:

  • Providing information about what is happening with an injury.
  • Guiding students through exercises focused to strengthen the injury after recovery.
  • Using myofascial release techniques to work out tight muscles.
  • Working with students on individual programs to help with your injury prevention.


Melissa also works with the dancer wellness screening watching over the dancers as they are screened.  After the screen, Melissa looks through the findings to determine if there are “red flags” overall as a program, and comes up with ways to be proactive about preventing possible injuries. Since dance is a physical activity, injuries are unavoidable, however, now that the dance program has their own Athletic Trainer hopefully the injuries will be less severe, frequent, and recovery time will be improved!