IADMS: Hong Kong Trip

  • Posted on: 7 December 2016
  • By: griffbro95

This October 14 students and 5 faculty members travelled to the Houston airport for their journey across the globe to attend the IADMS Conference in Wanchai, Hong Kong. The group arrived a few days before the conference in order to sight see and explore the islands of Hong Kong. Each day groups travelled across the area to visit temples, the big Buddha, and even Disneyland! Here are a few pictures to show some of the many memories made in Hong Kong: 






After days of sightseeing, the conference began. Students were able to attend lectures and movement sessions that were put on by professionals and scientists in the dance field. Students were able to learn about many new discoveries being made in dance science as well as see the messages put into motion during the movement sessions. Here is what a few of our students said about attending the conference:

Riley Eidson: “I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about dance science while interacting with other students and professionals from all over the world.  I hope to attend IADMS again in the future.“

Chelsy Young: “I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend IADMS annual conference. I really appreciated the interaction that we as students had with the professionals and learn about how dance science is progressing around the world. I plan to attend future conferences to gain knowledge to teach young dancers.”

Kali Taft: “I can’t imagine anything better than gathering with people from all over the world to discuss dance science!  It is so encouraging to see the support that the medicine and science community has for the arts, and all of the research being done in the field.”

Amanda Alvarez: "Attending IADMS widened my knowledge of dance science and I enjoyed seeing what others are doing in the dance science world. I also enjoyed meeting other students at the conference."

Brooke Griffin: “This year was the fourth year that I have been able to attend IADMS. I’ve learned so much throughout the years and it is great to see that what we are doing here at Texas A&M is up to par with what the professionals are doing in the field. I hope that as I continue on in my dance career that I’m able to spread this knowledge that I’ve obtained over the years to promote healthy practices in dance and help dancers dance longer.”


Next year IADMS will be held in Houston, TX.

Special thanks to the College of Education and Human Development for the support they provided the students on the trip and for all the help organizing the journey to Hong Kong.