TAMU Dance Receives Undergraduate Research Grant!

  • Posted on: 22 April 2016
  • By: griffbro95

The TAMU Dance Program is happy to announce that four undergraduate students and two dance faculty have been awarded the Undergraduate Research Scholars Grant in order to conduct dance science research beginning this fall. Dance faculty, Carisa Armstrong and Christine Bergeron will mentor students as they go through the research process. Undergraduate students, Amanda Alvarez, Brooke Griffin, Kadie Henderson and Kali Taft will be conducting the research which will focus on the DAFT test created by the Laban Centre in London. The grant amount of $11,000 will assist in research expenses as well as provide travel funds for the research to be presented at annual conferences. 

The student's research study will be look at how the DAFT (Dance Aerobic Fitness Test) improves the overall stamina and endurance in dancers. Dance is a highly anaerobic activity compared to other sports and activities, so dancers often struggle with stamina and endurance. Many dancers take part in works that can add up to 30 minutes, so it is important for dancers to have a high endurance level. The goal of this study is to see how the DAFT test improves aerobic endurance and introduce a new cross-training technique for dancers.

Congratulations to these students and faculty on receiving this grant and best of luck in your Dance Science endeavors!