Dance Science Seniors Present Research

  • Posted on: 28 April 2016
  • By: griffbro95

Congratulations to our Dance Science senior for presenting their final research projects!

This spring, seniors in the Dance Wellness course created group research studies. At the end of the semester, students presented their findings which included "The Effectiveness of Observation Versus Physical Practice of Mat Exercises in Lateral Pelvic Stability in Collegiate-Level Dancers," "Effects of Resistance Ballet on Développé Height on Collegiate Level Dancers," and "Effects of Balance Training on Collegiate Level Dancers' Turning Duration." Student's presentation included their abstract, methods, results and discussions of their research.  At the end of their presentation audience members asked them questions about their training methods, analysis stage and how this research will lead them to more research. 


Congrations again on your hard work ladies, we know you will continue to make an impact on dance, teaching, movement analysis and research in the future!